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Category:Superhero comics Category:Comics publications Category:Indian comicsCosmos Time and again, we encounter extraordinary beings who seem to represent order and harmony in a disordered and complicated world. Although scientists often acknowledge the need for equilibrium, the concept is more natural to those without an advanced education. The ancient Greeks used astronomy to understand the larger context in which we live, and since then, we have grown accustomed to understanding the Earth's place within the cosmos. The language of astronomy is different from the language of mechanics, and that is true also in its context of Western philosophy. Aristotle defined nature as "the measure of all things," and that was the key to his concept of cosmos. When two bodies are in balance, we call them in "equilibrium." Aristotle was the first to recognize the universe in this sense and to theorize that, when the world was in balance, everything was in balance. Aristotle showed that when two bodies touch, they occupy the same space and neither could be perceived by the human eye. This was a significant discovery because it meant that two bodies, seemingly distinct, were actually one. One must move to a concept of cosmos that includes the Earth. The Earth, and the universe, are one, in their natural states of balance. A planet that is in equilibrium is one in which the elements are in balance. Man in the Western tradition has viewed the universe in a more literal, deterministic sense, as a mechanism whose operating parts perform their functions in predictable patterns. But the universe is not simply a mechanism, or a deterministic order. It is a dynamic process. I have always felt that we cannot think about the universe until we think about the Earth. The Earth is one with the universe. The Earth was shaped by forces beyond our knowing. Thus the Sun and planets were molded by forces beyond our understanding, but we can know the result of those forces because our human sense of sight, our sense of sight and touch, perceives the same result. We cannot perceive the forces of which the Sun and planets are formed, but we can observe the result. We have developed the discipline of science. Science, as it is defined in the Western tradition, is the study of how things work. Science is a valuable tool, but I see no reason to believe that science is anything more than an instrument, a method. We are limited. How else can we perceive the universe but




Nagayan Series Comics Download Cbr

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